M.I.A… Reallly???

Hello Loves!

Hope you’re all having a beautiful morning so far meanwhile, l am sitting in front of my desk struggling to breathe(flu) and just burnt my tongue with this hot ass tea!

Anywayss… So l know l have been M.I.A for months and it’s with reason, for those that don’t know l released my first fashion line in March and can i just say what a mission but l managed to actually fill the venue up for my first launch! how insane right?! The journey to releasing my line has been such a long one and so stressful, l honestly wouldn’t of been able to do it if it weren’t for God. So many times l felt like quitting but he pulled through. I get extremely emotional so l was filled with anger to fatigue to happy lol! it was all just a ball of roller-emotion-land haha that was so corny! anyways l don’t want to get too into the fashion show, as that will be for another post.

LOVE LIFE… we need that “Adam family” suspense soundtrack to play in the background lol. I was dating, l deeply loved and now l am seriously single. If one thing l love about how l handle things is that, l’ve never been one to stay in something or do something that doesn’t feel right. No matter what! and l feel that’s how everyone should be. As girl well actually any gender, you often get asked “when are you getting married” or “are you dating” and before l used to dread those questions but now, it’s simple lol I DON’T CARE. yea, l really don’t, l have never been someone that just dated for the sake of dating nor rush dating. l don’t like wasting my time so just imagine you date just to date or because you are “desperate to be in a relationship or get married and it flops? errr nope! not how l roll. I am your typical fairy tale believer if that makes sense and l want my love, relationship and marriage to last forever till my last breath and till we meet in heaven! haha that was a bit too deep… ahaha anyways…

HEALTH… oh gosh guys! l have beeeeeeeen sick wooooah so l am recently healed with a bit of flu but compared to how l was feeling last week woooooooah. So l was in hospital for Gastrointestinal and Infection on my Appendix, imagine the two! Gas is when poo gets stuck in your intestines for those that don’t know(hopefully that’s what it means lol)anyways not going to go deep into that as it’s a bit too much but l am just glad God healed me! and feels good to be on my feet!

Fast forward a bit, currently still at People Magazine SA and working on my label as well as trying VEEERRRY hard to be healthy lol(the struggle is harrrrrrrd) anyways, that’s all for now and watch out for my next post!




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