Washed, frayed or bleached, everything and anything goes.

Fashion designers, celebrities and fashion bloggers well basically just about everyone is embracing the denim trend and if you aren’t on board than what are you waiting for? Denim works with just about anything as it falls under your neutral and bold item, making outfit choices endless! I am obsessed with the denim on denim trend and l had to get fashion/beauty bloggers Mischka and Tasarnia help show you how to style the trend and create a different, fresh and funky look that will definitely make you stand out. I enjoyed every moment of shooting this and with such humble beautiful and gorgeous girls?! YAASSS that description doesn’t sound right lol! no but seriously guys they were amazing and definitely rocked what l had envisioned.

    LOOK 1_bre2604Tip: Liven your look by up pairing it with this season must have prints plus this is a great way to break up a denim top and denim bottom combo._bre2729


Silver Hoops: R99, By FUG Accessories, YDE

Denim Shirt: R329, Cotton On

Silver Coin Necklace: R299.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Printed Slip Dress (worn as a Top): R819, River Island

Printed Kimono: R1199, River Island

Denim Skirt: R549, Forever21

Rings: R250, Jewel Lee

Black Lace Up Heels: R3250, Castello




Tip: For an effortless polished look then pair your dress with a white shirt underneath.

Statement Earrings: R199.50, Colette By

Nude Velvet Choker: R199.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Beige Wrap Choker: R120, Tessa Design

White Shirt: R449, Cotton On

Cuff: R199, By Fug Accessories, YDE

Denim Dress: R649, Cotton On

Blush Pink Heels: R2290, Europa Art

LOOK 2_bre2806Tip: When wearing denim on denim, you can stick to the same shade from head-to toe but just make sure to accessorize with bold or printed items to avoid your look for looking bland.


Beaded Necklace: R349, Accessorize

Chain With Tassel: R349, Accessorize

Blue Crop Top: R229, Forever21

Denim Shirt: R599, Tally Wiejl

Embroidered Denim Shorts: R350, Parooz Fashion

Crochet Gillet: R649, The Lot

Embellished Bag: R699, Accessorize

Denim Strappy Heels: R2490, Europa Art



Tip: If you love your fitted clothing then go for it but remember to pair different shades together and get the right fit, this will create a flattering look to any body type.

Gold Hoops: R99, Tessa Design

Canary Yellow Necklace: R269, Accessorize

Layered Beaded Necklace: R349, Accessorize

White Crop Top: R290, Parooz Fashion

Denim Top: R449, Cotton On

Canary yellow Bag: R599, Accessorize

Denim Skirt: ER629, Forever21

Pom Pom Detail Lace Up Heels: R2550, Castello

LOOK 3_bre2965Tip: For a fashion-forward and chic look then go for a structured skirt and can easily be worn for work paired with a crisp white shirt and black blazer.


Silver Collar Necklace: R280, Tessa Design

Silver Layered Necklace: R160, By Fug Accessories, YDE

Silver Pendant Necklace: R180, Tessa Design

Stripe Off Shoulder Top: R390, Parooz Fashions

Denim Dress with Buttons: R390, Forever 21

Rings: R349, Accessorize

Blue Courts: R2350, Castello



Tip: Give some street cred to your look by pairing denim bottoms with a bomber jacket, just remember to either have the sleeves rolled up or go a size up.

Mirror Sun Glasses: R280, Jewel Lee

Bid Necklace: R799, Accessorize

Pink Jacket: R599, Cotton On

Blush Pink Top: R330, I am Woman

Denim Shorts: R499, The Lot

Rings: R549, Accessorize

Denim Heels: R1690, Europa Art


LOOK 4_bre3100Tip: Wear different washes of denim together, by paring the two different shades together this creates a slimming effect especially if you wear a darker shade around areas you want to slim.



Diamante Choker (x3): R199.50. Colette By Colette Hayman

Black Wrap Choker: R120, Tessa Design

Embroidered Detail Dress: R599, H&M

Denim Wrap Skirt: R699, River Island

Denim Heels: R1990, Europa Art



Tip: Go for a slouchy silhouette in denim on denim, this gives your look a breezy, effortless and modern style.

Gold Earrings: R114.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Tan Wrap Choker: R120, Tessa Design

Crochet Tassel Top: R320, Parooz Fashions

Denim Long Jacket: R899, Cotton On

Rings: R199.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Skirt: R499, Cotton On

Jeans: Price On Request, Tally Weijl

Platforms: R2190, Dumond

LOOK 5_bre3228Tip: Give your denim a boho feel by pairing it with crochet not only will it give you a boho inspired look but also adds a retro sexiness feel to your look.


Multi Coloured Necklace: R349, Accessorize

Beige Kaftan: R349, H&M

Crochet Top: R280, DFLO Apparel

Shorts: R350, Parooz Fashion

Beaded Bangles: R269, Accessorize

Rings (Set 3): R200, Tessa Designs

Powder Blue Shoes: R599, Cotton On


Tip: For an easy and girly look then pair your denim jacket with denim shorts and if want edge to your look then make sure to choose  denim shorts that very distressed with unfinished detailing.

Mirror Sunnies: R280, Jewel Lee

Earrings: R259.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Choker: R114.50, Tessa Design

Denim Jacket: R599, Cotton On

Eye Print Top: R290, Parooz Fashion

Shorts: R350, Parooz Fashion

Bangle: R299, Tessa Design

Silver Ankle Strap Heels: R599, Cotton On

Photographer: Brenda Taylor


Europa Art: (011) 883-5354

Castello: (011) 883-8767

Accessorize: (011) 615-7755

Colette By Colette Hayman: 021 937 5465

Tessa Design: (011) 268-0997

YDE: (011) 784-0375

Jewel Lee: 082 448 0570

Parooz Fashions: (011) 403-2035

Cotton On: (011) 784-0214

I Am Woman: 082 723 5161

Forever21: (011) 883-0025

H&M: (011) 592-3200

River Island: (011) 214-7781

The Lot: (011) 880-1603

Dflo Apparel: 071 892 3040


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    Love the photo Shoot! The girls look fab!!🙌🙌🙌❤❤❤🌸🌸🌸


    1. raresparkle says:

      Thank you:) they are amazing ladies!

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