The Little Velvet Dress

Good morning Everyone;)

Hope you are all well! WOW! Can l just say that l cannot wait for this year to end, l need a holiday even though l’ll still be working on this “holiday”.

Anyways, l’ve been loving velvet a lot lately and find it extremely sexy and playful. it’s funny because at first l thought velvet is best suited for the bedroom and gives off the wrong look but then with some researching, l found different outfits where it actually looked edgy and fun. l think with everything you wear, it’s the way you decide to style it. That’s why l think you can wear any trend and any trend suits every personality and body shape, you just have to know how to style it and don’t let the trend conform you! does that make sense?.

I got this dress from Mr Price and l loved it soo much that l decided to get myself more velvet dresses;) _bre6929hh


Here are a few velvet clothing finds:

R599 by Boohoo, Spree
R60 by Lacey Luck, Spree
R899, H&M
R899, H&M





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