Hello Everyone!!

Wow! it has been a while! :/ l am sorry that l have been away, l’ve just been busy with life……… A lot has happened since my last post. lf you guys haven’t noticed yet, l deleted my very old and dated blog and decided to start fresh and actually just stick to a theme. I felt it was just all over the place and didn’t really have a theme?:/ basically very messy and crap!

Anyways, my new blog will still have the same name(R A R E S P A R K L E) and feel but will mainly focus on fashion since that’s what l love and very passionate about. For those that don’t know about what l do, l’m a Fashion Editor at People Magazine South Africa. Been in the fashion industry for about 6 years…actually 7. Fashion has always been part of me and this will sound corny but l’ve always wanted to be in the fashion industry from a very young age.

Fast forward to what l’ve been up to now or lately, l’ve been trying to film you tube videos, sketch, make and create clothing and honestly that stopped for a while as l just had no motivation and just felt stuck with life… does that even make sense? you know when you just have no motivation, passion is dead and you’re just living but actually not aware of your surroundings… yep! that was me until two months ago when someone through the grace of God kicked my fat boooooty and reminded me about this talent that God blessed me with as well as what l have to offer in the fashion industry that is lacking. The more you guys read my blog, you will come to know that l am not your typically fashion girl that just throws trends out there or wears whatever just to follow the mass and try fit in. l do what l want and what l  feel would make a difference in the fashion industry. l am just so fed up of how the industry is perceived so that’s where l come in to change that perception. Sorry if l’m blabbing:/

So! l hope you enjoy my new blog and l promise to blog as much as l can as well as l have amazing exciting news!! ****drum rolls****  l am releasing my very first collection in January 2017!! so please understand if there’s a gap in between my posts, just working very hard on this collection and it has been taking a lot out of me but nonetheless, l am very excited for you all to see my collection! OK! enough with the update, l’ll see you all on my next blog post.







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  1. Jey says:

    I totally relate! Sometimes you need to take a step back and reflect. Focus only on the things you are really passionate about. That’s why I’m in the midst also of decluttering and reorganising my blog for the better. Good luck on your new blogging journey and I’ll be following! Xo, Jey 🙌😎❤🌸


    1. raresparkle says:

      Glad! its always refreshing decluttering and knowing your purpose, if that makes sense:) thank you lots! xxx

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