Hello Loves!

I just wanted to share with you all this dress l made, its not finished but l think l might just leave it like this just because l love the unfinished look. It’s so funny! when l was posing for this dress, the photographer which is my very amazing friend Brenda Taylor who toke these pictures of me. She was telling to look sexy and for the life of me l don’t know how  to do sexy ahaha…. all l can do is smile…. we did however get a pic of me attempting to look sexy:/ **HIDES**

here it is…..new-3What do you guys think? haha l’m such a goof ball but anyways l just absolutely love this dress!

new-4I’ve always loved slits and l find are the easiest way to create a sexy feel with revealing too much.

new-1-1This type of material is from DRC and it’s called “Angara” African Wax Print. I am not 100% sure that, that’s the name but l will have another look and let you all know. this type of look is perfect for a cocktail or formal event. l wouldn’t add accessories, maybe just a clutch bag and stud earrings as the dress does all the talking because it’s so bold and vibrant.

l used a sewing machine to construct this dress and l also did a bit of hand stitching. As l mentioned in the beginning, l love the unfinished hem look so l just might clean up my sewing and just leave the dress as is.

I hope you guys love this look as much as l love it 🙂





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    1. raresparkle says:

      Thank you :)xxxx


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