Tropical Crush

As many of you already know, l work for People Magazine South Africa as a Fashion Editor. We recently shot at the Botanical Garden and the theme was Tropical. I  always love mix and matching different prints, colours and textures together. This feature that l am sharing with you was already in the magazine so l’m a bit late with this post but this trend isn’t;) see what l did there;)……

A tropical outfit doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be jetting off to a tropical island, even though that would be amazing! But you simply need to work the tropical trend into your wardrobe. This exuberant trend is a great trend to make this hot summer fun and fashionable. It can be overwhelming especially if you aren’t used to wearing this trend, but, with a little help from us, tropical print will be summer’s most wearable trend and you rock it with ease.

LOOK 1_bre3297Tip: IF it’s your first time trying the trend out and you aren’t afraid to style this trend, then go out by wearing tropical print from head to toe and then tone it down with solid or neutral pieces and accessories.

Flower Crown: Stylist Own

 Silver hoops: R99, By Fug Accessories, YDE

Silver Coin Necklace: R299.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Printed Top: R379, H&M

Mesh Wrap Skirt: R499, The Lot

Printed Skirt: R799, H&M

Embellished Clutch: R699, Accessorize

Rings: R549, Accessorize

Silver Heels: R2 650, Castello

LOOK 2_bre3443Tip: GIVE your tropical look a feminine touch by pairing it with a flared skirt and if you want an extra wow factor then simply just add a flower crown or pop pom shoes to the mix.

Flower Crown: R169, Forever21

Gold Hoops: R99, Tessa Design

Canary Yellow Necklace: R269, Accessorize

Multi Coloured Crochet Top: R229, H&M

Mustard Mini Skirt: R479, Forever21

Gold Cuff With Cubic: R199, By Fug Accessories, YDE

Gold Multi Row Cuff: R140, By Fug Accessories, YDE

Neon Clutch Bag: R599, Accessorize

Pom Pom Lace Up Block Heels: R2 850, Castello

LOOK 3_bre3606Tip: IF you don’t know what accessories to pair your tropical dress with, an easy way to do so is by picking a colour from the dress print.

Head Wrap: Stylist Own

Coral Drop Earrings: R269, Accessorize

Teal And Pink Beaded Necklace: R349, Accessorize

Multi Coloured Stone Necklace: R499, Accessorize

Crochet Dress: R229, H&M

Gold Cuff With Blue Cubic: R199, By Fug Accessories, YDE

Gold Multi Row Cuff: R199, By Fug Accessories, YDE

Gold Cross Over Cuff: R199, By Fug Accessories, YDE

Red And Green Scarf: Price On Request, Lush

Burgundy Scarf: Price On Request, Lush

White Cuff: R190, By Fug Accessories, YDE

Black Tassel Lace-Up Heels: R3 250, Castello


LOOK 4_bre3689Tip: MIX prints together. Pair your tropical printed top or skirt with a contrasting print.

Flower Crown: R199.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Printed Scarf: Stylist Own

Multi Coloured Necklace: R399, Accessorize

Gold Layered Necklace: R160, By Fug Accessories, YDE

Pink Printed Top: Price On Request, Parooz Fashions

Purple And Turquoise Skirt: R599, The Lot

Rings: R199.50 (set of 8): R199.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Pink Bag: R999, Accessorize

Gold And Turquoise Cuff: R150, Jewel Lee

Gold Rectangle/ Ball Cuff: R180, Tessa Design

Blue Block Heels: R599, Cotton On

LOOK 5_bre3824Tip: THE easiest way to add colour to dark tropical prints is to pair the print with a bright hue. This makes the print stand out and your outfit pop.

Gold Teardrop Earrings: R229.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Gold Layered Necklace: R160, By Fug Accessories, YDE

Chain With Pink Tassel: R349, Accessorize

Floral Printed Dress: R599, H&M

Beaded Bangles ((Left): R269, Accessorize

Embellished Clutch: R799, Accessorize

Gold Cuff (Right): R199, By Fug Accessories, YDE

Beaded Bangles (Right): R269, Accessorize

Rings: R389, Accessorize

Red Lace-Up Heels: R2 250, Castello



Accessorize: (011) 615-7755

Colette By Colette Hayman: 021 937 5465

Jewel Lee: 082 448 0570

Tessa Design: (011) 268-0997

YDE: (011) 784-0375

Parooz Fashions: (011) 403-2035

Cotton On: (011) 784-0214

Forever21: (011) 883-0025

H&M: (011) 592-3200

Lush: (011) 341-0569

The Lot: (011) 880-1603

Castello: (011) 883-8767



Make-Up Done By: Carli Prinsloo – (011)889-0738

Hair Done By: Noni From Swept Salon: (011) 326-6101

Fashion Assistant: Deneal Florence

Models: Chloe Rains From Ice Models- 078 704 9242


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